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千载联盛世·年韵满长安Exalted Era of ThousYears Echoes…

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  Exalted Era of ThousYears Echoes, Joy of Lunar New Year in ChangAn Jubilates


  Spring Festival Activity in 2020 - Global Solicitation of Spring Festival Couplets Kicks Off


  The Global Solicitation of Spring Festival Couplets campaign fXi'an City Wall, which has been carried out f14 years in a row since 2006, is more than a cultural festivity, but embodies the mannerconfidence of Xi'an City Wall as a "cultural gate" stepping onto the world stage. Marking the end of this yearthe new Spring, the "Exalted Era of ThousYears Echoes, Joy of Lunar New Year in ChangAn Jubilates" -- 2020 Global Solicitation of Spring Festival Couplets campaign, named by the Bank of China, sponsored by the Xi'an Qujiang New District ManagementCommitteethe Chinese Couplets Association,undertook by the Management Committee of Xi'an's City Wallthe Xi'an Couplets Association kicked off officially.


  This year's couplets solicitation activity is reportedly to last from this day to December 15. Twenty-four of all the solicited couplets are to be selected fthe eighteen gates of Xi'an's city walls, after being reviewed by a panel of judges composed of members of the Chinese Couplets Association, the Shanxi Provincial Couplets Associationthe Xi'an Couplets Association.


  Opening the door, flowers add brilliance to Xi'an's present splendor; ushering a new chapter, couplets present an age of prosperity. The Spring Festival couplets solicitation activity has become a messenger to spread traditional Chinese culture in the new era. By connecting the city wall, the special cultural carrier,the Spring Festival couplets, the unique form of folk custom in China, the fusioncollision of traditional culture forms has been deepened. Being the capitals of thirteen dynasties, Xi'an has a world reputation of the ancient capital of culture; stepping on the new starting point of the national central city, Xi'an is also a brand-new city full of vitality. In pursuing innovation-driven develop based on its profound cultural foundation, Xi'an City Wall will spare no effort to promote the construction of national central city, boost the vitality, enhance the image,present the charm of Xi'an city.